VECTA Animal Health prides itself on delivering premium nutritional and performance products in servicing the demands of the Camel industry through;

  • Scientifically Proven Products
  • Higher Concentrations than other leading brands
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

There is a vast difference in nutritional requirements for camels as compared to horses and it is this key aspect that VECTA Animal Health places a very strong focus on. Camels require a larger daily intake of minerals than vitamins as camels possess a much lower energy requirement.

VECTA Animal Health also focuses on the improvement of performance and optimal recovery in camel racing through the advanced SGF1000 Activation and TB-1000 Peptide tailored for camel performance through the targeting of 7 key functions.

  1. Enhancement of Hepatocytes in the liver which allows for optimal liver processing of energy to meet the high demands of racing.
  2. Enhancement of muscle Carnosine levels contributing to increased stamina. Even though Camels possess a higher lactic acid threshold than horses, the performance level will deplete when that level is reached. Increasing the muscle Carnosine level can raise the lactic acid threshold further, delaying the onset of fatigue.
  3. Increasing proteins TGF-B1, TGF-B2, & FGF-B2 in joint health allowing for joint regeneration.
  4. Increasing dilation of blood vessels resulting in a more efficient distribution of blood in the body, leading to an increase in stamina.
  5. Increasing Endothelial Cell migration.
  6. Increasing cellular Differentiation.
  7. Stimulating Angiogenesis

Improve your Camel’s nutrition and performance to meet your expectations! If you want to achieve the highest honours in camel racing then you need to contact VECTA Animal Health today