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TB-1000 Is Not Available In Australia 



VECTA Animal Health LLC

California  I Florida  I Kentucky  I New York
United States of America

P: (855) 472 0194

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VECTA Animal Health informs all United States & International Customers that Medivet Equine are no longer the authorised Exclusive Distributor of VECTA Animal Health products in the United States (contrary to what is claimed on the Medivet Equine website). Medivet Equine is no longer licensed to promote or sell VECTA Animal Health's Products, including the following Products: 

•         SGF1000
•         TB-1000
•         TB-500

VECTA Animal Health LLC, based in California, is excited to launch the Manufacturers Direct Promotion in the US. All US customers purchasing manufacturer direct will save up to 30% on all Products listed above as well as FREE shipping nation-wide on all orders. Customers who have previously purchased the Products in the US are aware that all Products and Product Packaging are manufactured and owned by VECTA Animal Health. To receive up to 30% off and Free shipping on all orders, please contact VECTA Animal Health LLC today or email [email protected] and a Sales Representative will contact you shortly.



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