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VECTA TB-1000 Performance Peptide is a safe, reputable and very effective performance peptide that provides immense benefits for Endurance Racing, Thoroughbreds and Racing Camel. VECTA TB-1000 Performance Peptide, a 99.89% purity unique sequence amino acid chain comprised of a patented amino acid chain derived from the complete 43 amino acid chain of Thymosin Beta 4. VECTA TB-1000 Performance Peptide delivers unparalleled benefits for elite performance racing through the reduction of heart rates and increasing stamina by inducing a process called angiogenesis – the process of a protein binding to the g-actin site in the body to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels. This unique process provides benefits for elite racing horses and camels through:

  • REDUCED HEART RATES (Average 4-8bpm)

VECTA TB-1000 Performance Peptide adheres to the strictest manufacturing conditions in the world and is manufactured at a GMP Accredited facility, globally recognised for delivery products manufactured to the highest standards.

Click Here to view the in-depth scientific validation surrounding VECTA TB-1000.

Click Here to view the proven benefits of VECTA TB-1000 for Endurance Horses, Thoroughbreds and Racing Camels


As is the case with many successful and extremely effective products in the global racing industry of today, there are of course counterfeit attempts of products made and with this in mind the VECTA Global Group provides the below important warning notice.

WARNING: All Trainers and Veterinarians must be very wary of fraudulent websites selling a counterfeit version of TB-1000. The counterfeit TB-1000 has been reported by the industries governing bodies in United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia and it has been determined the counterfeit TB-1000 is made in a liquid form (not a freeze-dry peptide), does not undergo and form of sterilisation and is not manufactured or filled in a GMP Accredited facility or a facility with any present Quality Control systems. Various racing bodies have named and shamed an Australian company, Taylormade Equine and a particular ‘rogue agent’ promoting the sale of such a harmful and very unstable counterfeit peptide. To the utmost detriment to the health and well-being of horses in many countries, the counterfeit TB-1000 has been reported on many occasions as inducing severe anaphylactic reactions with immediate symptoms of swelling of the head and tongue, foaming of the mouth and sharp increases in temperature with several reported case reactions leading to fatalities, something deeply condoned by the Veterinary and racing industries.

Please report any use of the counterfeit TB-1000 to authorities as the risk is poses to all animals is very severe and should be sanctioned. The below website was identifies by four separate governing bodies in various countries and a warning has been published on many forums, websites and industry publications.

Before purchasing counterfeit TB-1000 from harmful counterfeit websites to try and save a few dollars, ask yourself if it is really a risk worth taking.

VECTA Animal Health informs all United States & International Customers that Medivet Equine are no longer the authorised Exclusive Distributor of VECTA Animal Health products in the United States (contrary to what is claimed on the Medivet Equine website). Medivet Equine is no longer licensed to promote or sell VECTA Animal Health's Products, including the following Products: 

•         TB-1000

VECTA Animal Health LLC, based in California, is excited to launch the Manufacturers Direct Promotion in the US. All US customers purchasing manufacturer direct could save up to 30% on TB-1000 and SGF1000. Customers who have previously purchased the Products in the US are aware that all Products and Product Packaging are manufactured and owned by VECTA Animal Health. To receive up to 30% off and Free shipping on all orders, please contact VECTA Animal Health LLC today or email [email protected] and a Sales Representative will contact you shortly.







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