VECTA TB-1000 Performance is classed as a very potent angiogenic protein by binding to the g-actin site and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels from already existing blood vessels - a process called angeogenesis. The unique amino acid sequence of TB-1000 has been proven to be the most potent of all derivatives and the full chain sequence at binding to the g-actin site. It is also naturally found in mammalian wound fluid.


This unique characteristic allows TB-1000 to provide the following benefits for Endurance HorsesThoroughbreds and Racing Camels;


REDUCED HEART RATES (Average 4-8bpm - When administered IV)

By activating Angiogenesis which creates new blood vessels enabling more effective blood distribution and a reduced demand for the heart to increase activity in order to increase blood circulation to provide muscles with the required increase in oxygen, glycogen and amino acids to perform at their peak for longer.              


Large Increases in Cardiovascular Strength and Oxygenation of Muscles.                       


Greater Oxygenation of Muscles from the Lungs Required for Peak Performance in Endurance Horses, Thoroughbreds & Racing Camels.

SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN STAMINA (Through Angiogenesis & G-Actin Binding)

Enables Endurance Horses, Thoroughbreds & Racing Camels to Perform at their Peak Levels for Longer.                                                                


Increases Cellular Energy Levels Which Assist In Increasing Stamina.


Decreases The Exiting Time Of Harmful Bodily Toxins Which Create Lactic Acid and Ulcers.


Reduces The Healing Time Of Muscular, Tendon and Ligament Injuries. Also Assists In The Maintenance Of Soundness During Times Of Injury.


The use of TB-1000 in Endurance Horses has been proven to increase stamina for races from 30km - 160km, providing a notable advantage over competitors. TB-1000, when used in conjunction with SGF1000 Activation has been proven to lower the heart rates (when administered IV) of Endurance Horses, a benefit sought after by all elite Endurance Stables. Reduced heart rates provide many benefits including a fast passing through the Vet Checks during races on heart rates (as well as dehydration and soundness) as quickly as possible with heart rates between legs requried to reduce below 60bpm before progressing to the next leg of the race. Recent top placings in prestigous Endurances races in Australia and Dubai showed that heart rates were able to be decreased by 3-4 minutes faster than horses that were not using TB-1000 and SGF1000 Activation with Endurance Horses on the VECTA Program successfully reducing heart rates by an average of 4-8bpm during racing. This provides a greater edge over your competitors and can benefit your overall result my many placings These prestigous races including the Tom Quilty 2015 Gold Cup have received top placings using TB-1000 and SGF-1000 Activation as a big advantage over their competitors and has resulted in multiple 1st place for 'best conditioned horse'.

Another important benefit from using TB-1000 in Endurance Horses is the improved ability to recover quicker than their competitors during the race as well as during intensive training leading up to the race. This benefit is also felt during time of injury in training which is important to overcome and strengthen as soon as possible.



TB-1000, when used in Thoroughbreds has provided many leading Thoroughbred Trainers with the competitive advantage for important wins through the notable increases in red cell production, blood circulation and cell migration, enabling an increased flow of oxygen from the lungs to the vital muscles required for peak performance. The enhanced blood circulation provides a rapid delivery of vitamins, minerals and amino-acids throughout the body and increased energy cellular levels allows all thoroughbreds to reach their full potential when it is required the most - powering home towards finish line.

Adding TB-1000 to a horses preparation leading up to a racing campaign has shown a clear improvement in race day results and if used with VECTA Amino-Fuel-Nitro and VECTA SGF1000 Activation, this provides a very effective Performance Program where the proof is in the results.